Ariel Compressor Filtration, will any filter do?

Ariel Compressor Filtration, will any filter do?

Posted by Shane Irwin on 11th May 2018

When in the field visiting clients compression facilities I am constantly surprised by the amount of after market filters we find in the field, when it comes to filtration many people take their suppliers word that the product they are receiving is a suitable aftermarket replacement.

Unfortunately this notion is often incorrect.

Take the Ariel A-0661 Spin-On Filter for example, Although many filters will have a similar height, diameter and thread, do they actually have the same or better efficiency rating than the Ariel Genuine Filter? Will they protect your equipment just as well as the Genuine Filter?

Well in our experience the answer is no, take the Donaldson P554004 Spin-On filter as an example.

It has a listed efficiency is 99%:40 Micron where as the Genuine OEM Ariel Filter retains 98%:15 Micron.

So if that doesn't paint a picture of why you should use Ariel's Genuine filters on your compressor, Ariel has performed some testing using their A-0661 filters Vs. Some Leading competitor replacements:

A-0661 Multi-Pass Chart

(Credit: Ariel Corporation)

Genuine looks pretty good right about now doesn't it?

And why shouldn't it, we sell Ariel Genuine A-0661 filters and they are not expensive, in most instances i would say they would be the same price as the aftermarket filters such as Donaldson and Baldwin and furthermore due to the performance of the Ariel Genuine Filter, the warranty on Ariel compressor running gear is doubled from 3 to 6 years when using the A-0661.