CHAMPION FB77WPCC Platinum-Iridium Industrial Spark Plug

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Industrial Platinum-Iridium FB77WPCC Spark Plugs feature copper-cored nickel with Iridium center Electrode and copper-cored nickel with Platinum ground electrode for superior ignitability, durability, and improved performance for all your engine maintenance needs.

These plugs are suitable on all engines with 18mm – 13/16″ reach heads.

Such as:

Waukesha® Caterpillar® Guascor® Wartsila® Cummins® Superior® Perkins®
AT Series

G3500 (non B, C, E series)

FG180 W255G QSV 81-V16 1706G2 4000 series
VGF Series Inline 6 G3600 Series FGLD180 W285G QSV 91-V18 1712G1  
VGF Series Inline 8   FG240 WS345G      
VGF Series Inline 12   FGLD240 W20V      
VGF Series Inline 16   FGLD360 345G      
VHP Series Inline 6   FGLD480        
VHP Series V12            
VHP Series V16            


These plugs could be used to replace a large variety of 18mm 13/16" Reach Spark plugs as shown below  - Please consult our sales team so we can better understand your operating conditions, Service intervals etc so that we can recommend the best spark plug for your requirements.

Brand Model
Beru 18GZ6-77
Beru Z162
Champion FB76WW
Champion FB77WPC
Champion RB77WPCC
Champion RB77EPC
Cummins 4010981
Denso 6116
Denso GI3-1
Denso GI3-1A
Denso GI3-3
Denso GI3-3A
Denso GI3-5A
Perkins 486-37
Waukesha 60999Z
Waukesha 69919
Waukesha 69919Z
Waukesha 69919C
Waukesha 69919D

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