Low Flow Meter

The KENCO Low Flow Meter provides an accurate record of the amount of lubricating oil required to maintain a constant oil level in the crankcase of an engine or compressor.

Operating Principle

The KENCO Low Flow Meter is a positive displacement double action, single piston meter. The piston strokes and actuates a mechanical counter that registers the amount of oil flowing through the meter. Each piston stroke equals and registers 0.01 gallon of flow. There are two models available. The Model 1618 with a mechanical counter only and the Model 14308 with a mechanical counter and a reed switch.  The Model 14308 reed switch is actuated by a magnet mounted onto the surface of the piston. The switch closes every other piston stroke thus completing a circuit every 0.02 gallon. The mechanical counter is immersed in oil assuring maximum wear resistance from vibration. The meter is installed in line between a KENCO Oil Supply Tank and KENCO Oil Level Controller. The orientation of the meter does not matter as long as the air in the line is purged out.