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Proximity Switch for Divider Blocks


The KENCO Proximity Switch provides a switch signal used to detect the absence of flow in a continuously operating compressor lubrication system by monitoring cyclic movement of the divider valve piston.

Operating Principle

The KENCO Proximity Switch assembly’s operative components are a reed switch and a magnet that sense the movement of the divider valve piston while it is cycling. It is installed in place of the piston end plug in the divider valve block. When installed, the switch magnet rests against the divider block piston. The magnet is housed in the Proximity Switch body parallel to the reed switch. Each time the divider block pulses with a lubrication cycle, the piston moves the magnet, opening and closing the contacts of the reed switch.  The switch contact may be used to complete a circuit to an external unit such as a PLC, an auxiliary counter, indicator or other type of control.